Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recent non-holiday LOs

Sometimes it pays to wait until you find just the right kit to scrap certain pictures with. Native American Indian themed kits that are well done are very rare. Flergs came out with one recently called “Dreamcatcher” based on the Twilight book New Moon character Jacob and his Pacific NW tribe, the Quileute. I knew it would be perfect for scrapping this particular photo from the Colorado Indian Market back in January of this year. I wish I could remember what the name of this dance was; it’s not any of really well known ones such as the fancy, eagle or hoop dances. If any family members know, I’d appreciate them passing along the name of it! This particular dancer is from the American Indian Music and Dance Show with the Ware family from Oklahoma.
journaling: We have attended the Colorado Indian Market with my mom for a couple of years now. The music and dancers are always a highlight. This shot of one of the dancers from the American Indian Music and Dance Show was my favorite picture from the market for 2009. ~picture taken Jan 24, 2009
Dreamcatcher kit , New Moon alpha by Flergs at scrapbookgraphics
fonts: CK Becky

Since my mom isn’t going to be here this January, I’ll have to decide whether to go up myself or not. Carissa has expressed an interest in going again even without Grandmama. They also have a show in TX at the end of March, so as we are considering heading down that way during spring break after the first dance competition, maybe attending that one would be a possibility if it isn’t too far out of the way.

Here’s another LO where I was waiting for the right kit to come along. These are from our 2004 vacation to CA and AZ. The little one in these photos is Brenna.
credits: Rainforest by Alana McCarthy at scrapbookgraphics.com; Template 166 by Yin Designs; fonts: TXT Monkeyshine, TXT Abrasive

They have some fascinating statues scattered throughout the downtown area of our city. One of them is this big open door with a definitely different perspective that Sarah and I had fun with when we were down at the Pikes Peak Center buying tickets for The Lord of the Dance show back in October.

journaling: There are some neat sculptures decorating the downtown Colorado Springs area. This large door by Christopher Wood is titled “My Surreal World” and stands at the top of small grassy hill near the Pikes Peak Center. Seeing Sarah peeking through the door for me set my imagination going- what if you saw a different world on the other side? October 2, 2009
Wonderland Collection by Tangi Baxter at scrapbookgraphics.com; a lift of Serenity's A Corner of Paradise LO for the 12/15-12/21 ICST challenge
fonts: 2Peas Unforgettable

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Monday, December 28, 2009

More Holiday LOs

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I’m glad all of the holiday activities are done and we have a week to rest before school and dance classes resume, because everything wore me out! Sitting at home with nowhere to go is just fine by me this week :)

Sarah_IHOP_12-3-09  credits: Gingerbread mini and Candy Cane Papers by Pixel Works at scrapartist.com; Holly leaves and buttons from Funky Junky Christmas by Michelle Godin, Rachel Young and Kate Hadfield; Cookies 4 Kids temlate by Dani Mogstad at SweetShoppeDesigns; Bad Sewing Machine 12 - Don't Be a Square 2 by Traci Reed at SweetShoppeDesigns; fonts: CK Chocolate Sundae

journaling: I admit it, I just don’t get why Sarah won’t go near Santa again this year. Even the second floor of the mall looking down on him below is too close for her comfort. She is excited to have him bring presents in a couple of days, talks about him coming, and will watch him on the TV and the computer with no problem- just don’t ask her to sit on his lap because it won’t happen. If you ask her why, she replies “I’m shy.”
credits: by Kasia Designs at ShabbyPickleDesigns: He's Coming Down the Chimney, Santa Baby Alpha, Christmas Medley, Christmas Medley Alpha, Pieces of Christmas (painted Christmas tree);
Jumpers 21-24 by Crystal Livesay at scrapbookgraphics.com; fonts: CK Chocolate Sundae

journaling: Whether it is baking cookies of a dozen varieties, making beaded ornaments for teacher gifts, crafting gingerbread houses and people at home and at school, designing pretty newsletters or putting together reindeer candy canes to hand out at dance class the next morning, there is always something crafty going on at our house during the holidays. It is fun to work together on a project; not only does it go faster with many hands, but it is much more enjoyable to have good company while you work!
credits: by Ztampf! at scrapbookgraphics:
Lumoz Whimzy Overlays, Back Drops, Appliquettes No. 3, Date strip and markers from Birthday Bliss; P365 Jumpers by Crystal Livesay at scrapbookgraphics; gold alpha from One Magic Night by Flergs and Alana McCarthy at scrapbookgraphics; scalloped border from Festival by Shabby Princess
fonts: Christine, Century Gothic

The kids and one of the gorgeous Christmas Trees at the BroAdmoor HotelMerryChristmas2009 
credits: Warm Wishes by Peta Boardman at scrapbookgraphics.com

a gift card holder I made for my BILChristmasGiftCard-Aaron-web credits: at scrapbookgraphics: The Last Trapper by Glam Fairy, Early Morning Kit by Diamonte Designs; Hybrid Magic 32 Gift Card Holder by Michelle Filo at LittleDreamerDesigns

A few pages of the calendar I made for family for Christmas. I’ve done CD calendars for a number of years, but this year I went with a more traditional 8.5x11 spiral-bound size.
credits: 2010 Calendar Complete Kit by Natali Designs at scrapbookgraphics

and this year’s newsletter that I sent out via mail to many friends and family.

credits: Peace and Peace Fragments by Lorilei Murphy at scrapbookgraphics

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Wildland at CMZ 2009

We made our annual trek to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to see the Christmas lights last night. As I was making dinner I got to thinking about how warm it was that afternoon and decided that it would be a good night to venture to the zoo to see their Christmas light displays. Evidently everyone else in town thought the same thing as I think it took us almost an hour to get into the parking lot, find a space, and then actually get past the entrance gate into the zoo. With the predicted cold temps and snow tonight, it was worth the extra hassle of going last night with the crowds.

Giraffes welcome everyone at the entrance to the main parking lot. You can even see a couple more on the hill above that are in the African Safari exhibit area.2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-22009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-63 2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-71 2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-79   2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-4
One of the older signs that they used as the “Electric Safari” logo before they renamed the exhibit to “Winter Wildland.”2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-12 This area is right next to the lion exhibit. The lions were out in the yard laying on the big rock in the middle and were quite displeased with the number of onlookers with their brightly flashing cameras. Daddy lion rumbled noisily quite regularly.2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-18 some fun new flowers and 3D bumblebee lights appeared near the bears this year.2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-22 2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-27 The Rocky Mountain exhibit lookout tower is lit up with stars.2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-32
The wolves actually were howling last night, which was unusual. Maybe the large numbers of noisy people were disturbing them? I think that is the first time we have heard them; they are usually extremely quiet and stay out of sight.2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-37 Marty the Moose’s likeness in lights was another new creation this year.2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-49 We ran into Santa outside The Loft. Sarah has refused to go anywhere near Santa again this year. She says “I’m shy” and won’t even look at him at every event Santa is at. Even the second floor of the mall looking down at the Santa area on the first floor is too close for her comfort LOL2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-59 And we ran into Mrs. Claus near the skyride as we were walking to the entrance on our way out.2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-802009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-60 A beautiful view of the city skyline down below near Moose Lodge.2009_1221_CMZ-WinterWildland-61

I had some questions about the settings I used to get my pictures at the zoo after I shared the photos with The Crew, so I put together a little tutorial. You can check it out here at Scrapbookgraphics.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Finally- Beth & Carissa’s birthday party pictures

I promised these a long time ago, and then other things kept coming up that would push it back down the list. So finally I got their LO done, as I need to get my printing order put together and to the copy shop very soon!

journaling: We celebrated their birthday twice this year. On the 13th Sarah helped make rainbow cupcakes & Beth & Carissa opened their gifts from family, getting a new Sims expansion pack, clothing, a HSM Wii game and some cash to spend. They invited friends over for a sleepover the 14th & 15th. They made tie-dye tshirts, played games, snacked, watched movies and of course stayed up much too late. They received another Sims expansion pack, gift certificates to Assemble, MLP toys, stuffed cats, books, t-shirts, and purses filled with beauty products and Webkinz, and had a fabulous time with their friends.
credits: Life in Technicolor by Dani Mogstad at SweetShoppeDesigns; Tempate 129 by Yin Designs; Stick It Dates by Darcy Baldwin at SweetShoppeDesigns
fonts: Beansprout DNA, Typewriter

B&C_11thBirthday2009-2  B&C_11thBirthday2009-1

I’m working on the Christmas newsletter today. It’s cold and snowy and supposed to be like this all day today. It’s definitely going to be a very long winter here in Colorado.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas and Wintry Layouts

A few from this year already:

credits: December 2009 Artist 2 Artist pieces by Pixel Works at scrapartist.com: Blustery Day, Holiday Cliptionary, Bits and Baubles, All the Trimmings, Fa-la-la Frames; All Worn Up In You templates by Lauren Grier and Penny Springerman at SweetShoppeDesigns; Stick It Dates by Darcy Baldwin at SweetShoppeDesigns; fonts: Toms New Roman

Christmas-TisTheSeason09 journaling:  We started baking Christmas cookies for Dale at the end of October, and with help from all of the girls, we finished it up the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s nice to have some help, and it just makes it that much more fun too!
credits: by Tania Shaw at TheDigiChick: Krafty Xmas, Layered Up in You Vol. 4; by Tania Shaw at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns: Fall Puffy Stickers, Kraft Journalers; Hand Stamped Alpha 2 by Melinda Staley at scrapdish.com; fonts: Natural Script

One of the biggest things on my to do list for the holidays every year is the dozen or so holiday cookies I bake to share with my grandfather, take to various parties, and just enjoy eating too! I've made my list of the ones I want to do this year and have gotten half-way through it in my baking adventures.
credits: Cranberries N Cream by Veronica Spriggs at scrapbookgraphics; Chipper Chatter Christmas by Tangie Baxter at scrapbookgraphics; Giving Thanks Template by Ali Edwards, DSD freebie at designerdigitals; Black Jelly Alpha by Lili
fonts: TXT Santa Font

journaling: It’s always fun to see what the BroAdmoor chefs have come up with each year for the gingerbread town. This year a large gingerbread and chocolate grinch-like mountain dominated complete with people climbing and falling off the mountain. A quaint village was nestled around its base. Churches, houses, farms, and of course Santa’s home and stable could be seen.
credits: Impressions of Festivities by Scrapbookgraphics Designers
fonts: Christine


credits: Merry & Bright by Natali Designs at scrapbookgraphics; red paper from Cranberries & Cream by Veronica Spriggs at scrapbookgraphics; Alpha and glitter from Yuletide by Flergs for Digital Artist Magazine; Layered Up Vol.3 by Tania Shaw at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; Ultimate Stitches - Not So Basic by Dani Mogstad; circle stamp made from scrapnfonts Holiday Quotes and Tags Sheet and Holiday Ornaments Brushes by Katie Pertiet at designerdigitals
fonts: Misproject, CK Holiday Spirit

and a few from last year. I’m trying to get these caught up so that I can get my printing order for the year together and to the print shop soon!

journaling: Anticipating Santa’s arrival with goodies to fill their stockings, the kids get dressed for bed in their new pajamas and leave Santa cookies and milk. After everyone is tucked snugly in bed, he doesn’t disappoint them.
credits: Checkin' It Twice by Dani Mogstad at SweetShoppeDesigns; Dani's Girls December blog template
fonts: CK Constitution

journaling: Christmas day started with seeing what Santa left in the stockings & opening gifts. The kids’ big gift this year was a Wii game system. We had dinner at Grandmama’s house in the afternoon and then enjoyed watching movies, working the annual Christmas puzzle and playing with all of our new toys.
credits: Holiday Shimmer by Phuong and Microferk at scrapbookgraphics; Template 73 by Yin Designs; fonts: Bookman Old Style

ChristmasDay2008-1 ChristmasDay2008-2

credits: Altered Christmas by Pixel Works at scrapartist; Alpha and glitter from Yuletide by Flergs for Digital Artist Magazine; Layered Up Vol.3 by Tania Shaw at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns; Ultimate Stitches - Not So Basic by Dani Mogstad; Holiday Ornaments Brushes by Katie Pertiet at designerdigitals
fonts: Misproject, CK Holiday Spirit

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P365: November 2009

credits: Give Thanks and Fall Foliage by Pixel Works at scrapartist.com; 365 Project Templates by Amy Pearson45w_365project_Nov09 46w_365project_Nov09 47w_365project_Nov09 48w_365project_Nov09


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Retirement Sale at Scrapdish


It’s time to hang up my designer hat. With all of the extra time having 4 girls involved in dance is taking, I just don’t have as much time on the computer as I used to. Everything is marked down in my store at Scrapdish, and most of them are 75% off. There are even 2 grab bags of totally new items that I had had sitting on my hard drive for a while and finally got finished up for this last big sale. Get anything you want now, as at the end of the year it will be gone.

There aren’t written instructions for the templates in this grab bag set. I just didn’t have time to put them together- the instructions were always the most labor intensive part of the process. They are set up in a similar fashion to previous templates I’ve made, so hopefully people can muddle along without them ;)


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