Friday, July 28, 2006

Out of frustration....

a LO is born
credits: The Chase Papers and Elements and add-on extras by Robin Cabana at SBB; fonts: Horsepuke and Clarissa
So, in desperation yesterday I ignored the chaos around me and started playing with Robin's new kit at SBB, The Chase. I love this kit! Lots of great papers, elements and some fabulous brushes. I new when I started I wanted to use a pic or two I had of Brenna painting, and at first I had my usual linear, simple LO in mind. But, after looking at the pics I decided that just wasn't going to make me happy- it needed to be a bit messy because that is how Brenna paints. She puts every color of paint on the paper- often in the same spot. Before too long she has a big muddy brown mess, but she seems to like it that way as she keeps painting in the same way every time. So, I started putting arcs of ink across the LO using those fabulous brushes and playing with the layer blending modes... and a lovely mess was born. Pretty cool (and stress relieving too).

Thanks for the words of encouragement yesterday. Today was much calmer for everyone. Sarah's fever seems to be gone, but she is now covered in some sort of red rash. Mostly she ignores it, but sometime I catch her scratching furiously in certain areas. I have no idea what it is that she caught, and with the weekend looming hopefully things will continue to improve. Other than the nasty looking rash all over her from head to toe, she seemed pretty normal today. She took a nice long nap in her crib this afternoon and ate this evening; her appetite isn't quite back to normal, but it is getting there. She was still a bit clingy, but she also played by herself and with the other kids too.

Tonight was the ending program of VBS at church tonight, but because of the rash thing we didn't think it was wise to take Sarah . So, that translates into me staying home with her while everyone else goes out. We needed a trip out of the house too, so we went to Target to buy a few more school supplies -whoo hoo! LOL I think we've got everything we need now. I will have to go through and divide things up this weekend to make sure. The school sent an email saying that the class lists were posted now, so we will have to take the kids over to see who their teachers for this year are. The email also said there is supposed to be some sort of testing on Thursday, but I have yet to hear anything about that. School starts a week from Monday on August 7 at 8:05A- yes, the countdown has begun ;)

Before I go, here a couple more LOs I've done this week:
I used Tracy's Dinner with Friends kit for this one about the dramatic and delicious fruit flambe we saw and tasted at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.
credits: Dinner with Friends by Tracy Blankenship at Digital Freebies and SkrappinDigiKreations; scroll brush by Nancie Rowe Janitz from Grateful kit at Scrapartist; Lo inspired by "Roma Forum" by Erin Lincoln, Creating Keepsakes magazine, July 2006, pg 114; fonts: Tiranti Solid LET, SBC Curly, Typewriter

If anyone wants to see the recipe up close, leave me a comment and let me know! I'd be glad to upload the recipe card.

I did this one for Jeanine's 80s challenge:
credits: 80s Wham! by Jeanine Baechtold, blog freebie; LO sketch by Gina Miller
fonts: Adobe Caslan Pro and Varsity

I've seen the 'You know you grew up in the 80s if....' list circulate around the email groups several times and have always wanted to scrap it. I remember and/or did a lot of them. It's a fun way to jog some of those memories that don't normally surface. If you want to see the list up close, I posted it in the LO description at RAKscraps. You can go HERE to see it.

and finally, a sneak peek at the kit I made during our vacation. You saw a few parts of it in my Whirlwind of Fun LO I did earlier. It comes with 2, 8.5x11 layered tif grid templates to help with making those grid-type LOs easier. If you want to make it a 12x12 LO, then you just add your own piece of paper behind it like I did on my LO. Scrap those everyday moments and things that you often overlook- your daily routines and the little bits and pieces around you that are part of your everyday life.
I'm not sure when I will give this out at RAKs yet- maybe the digicraft posting prize. speaking of the August digicraft- here it is. It's coming up Tuesday night at RAKscraps!

Well, that's it for me tonight! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I sometimes wonder

what in the world was God thinking when he gave me 5 kids?? I do not recall ever in my life saying I wanted 5 kids- 2 or 3- but not ever 5. I do not love kids; I love and take care of the ones I have because they are mine. The thought of being an elementary school teacher makes me shudder.

Brenna is 3 and still stuck in the terrible, horrible 2s. She throws all out screaming and kicking tantrums at every least little thing. She can be so sweet one minute and a screaming banshee I want to throw out the house and banish forever the next minute.

We're having to train Sarah to sleep in the crib. It is the motion of putting her DOWN in the crib that makes her little eyes pop open and the crying and wailing begin. She screamed bloody murder at us for an hour a couple of nights ago; I was in tears because it just kills me to have to listen to her cry when I know all I have to do to get it to stop is to pick her up and put her in bed with me. It doesn't help that she is sick again and has been running a fever for 3 days, yesterday the diahrrhea started too. For 7 months she was healthy and now she seems to be picking up all sorts of nasty things from who-knows-where (no one else is sick and we hardly go anywhere because I don't want to deal with Brenna's tantrums in public), and of course the pediatrician says they are viruses you can't do anything about but wait out.

Exploding diapers I have to clean up- from both of the 2 kids wearing them in my house. Sarah's because she is sick and Brenna's because of the kicking screaming tantrum she is throwing.

DH gets home and starts grumbling about how messy the house is. Any time I clean up it lasts for all of 5 mintues before someone announces they are hungry and there are bread crumbs and jelly smears all over the counters, table, and floor. I wonder most of the time what in the world the point of cleaning is. I won't mention the 2 jars of jelly, practically full, that little hands have dropped and smashed all over the floor recently because they can't be convinced they should walk slowly, instead of dance quickly and in circles, across the kitchen to the refrigerator while they are carrying things. (guess I mentioned them anyway didn't I?)

The older kids want to earn money to give to the missions fund at VBS this week, so DH made a list of chores they could do. They all 3 decide they want to do it NOW- they don't know how to do half of the chores properly (I mean without making an even bigger mess than what was there in the first place), so I have to intervene and instruct them- Brenna gets upset that she isn't being allowed to 'help' too and starts throwing a tantrum- I put Sarah down to deal with Brenna and Sarah starts screaming, so I put her in the crib and she screams even louder- Beth is trying to ask me something from across the room, but I can't hear her over the screaming, the TV someone left on, and Bryce vacuuming the stairs. So she starts talking louder (substitute yelling there if you like), and Brenna and Sarah both step up the volume because heaven forbid I not pay total attention to what THEY want right now.

I really need to take a shower, but if I do then I will have to take Sarah with me because despite how much they try, the other kids just don't substitute for me in her mind. Which means that Brenna will want to come to as she can't stand to be left out when Sarah gets something. A shower with a 9 month old and a 3 year old in there with me is not the relaxing thing I need it to be at the moment.

OK, I had to get all of that off my chest. People seem to think I have it all together- SO not the case. Guess I am just following in Tania's footsteps and not being my perky self.

I'm off to make lunch for the kids so that there is another mess in the kitchen to clean up and deal with the baby who is crying instead of napping like she should be. I've got a few things to show off- maybe I will get to it later if things calm down a bit.

Sometimes I just want to run screaming from the house

now is one of those times....

more a bit later

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The week slipped by me

goodness! where did the week go?! I guess it got buried in the mounds of laundry, cleaning, shopping, and cooking. I was also dealing (or trying to anyway) with several unwanted 'souveniers' of the trip- namely a nasty chigger bite on my leg, total regression on the potty training thing with Brenna and Sarah not wanting to sleep anywhere except in my arms. I don't think Sarah slept much for the first 48 hours after we got home. Every time I tried to put her down- either in the swing or her crib- her little eyes would pop open and that would be the end of that. finally she just collapsed Tuesday night, she fell asleep around 9P and slept all night. Sarah is not one you can just let cry herself to sleep- I've tried and it doesn't work. She gets so spitting mad that she can't sleep. The whole Farber sleep thing worked with the other kids when we needed it, but not with Sarah. We were doing pretty well with napping and sleeping at night in the crib before we went on vacation and now we are having to start all over again.. She's done better the last couple of nights, thank goodness. I was beginning to feel like a zombie. Sarah won't stay away from the stairs either; it doesn't seem to matter how many times she has fallend or slid down them. We have gates up everywhere and it seems like I am constantly being interuppted by someone wanting to get over one or the other.

My parents arrived about 6:30 last night for their summer visit. They left just a couple of days after my sis and her family stopped at their house in WA on their vacation to drive here. They will be here through Tuesday and then will be leaving Wednesday morning to continue down to OK and TX to see the rest of the family. My sis and family just got back home from their month long road trip last night. It has been one busy summer for everyone.

I've also started the school supply shopping; I've got to get over to Staples today and see if any of their super duper deals are still available. We have 2 weeks left of break now. I will actually be glad to have school start up again just so that we can get back onto a regular schedule.

Here's a couple of LOs I have somehow managed to get done with a couple of Jeanine's awesome kits at
What ever possesses people to ask someone if all of the kids with them are 'theirs'? I really hate it when it happens to me.
credits: Softly Summer by Jeanine Baechtold at; corner stitching from Stitched Doodles by Tracy Blankenship at Digital Freebies and SkrappinDigiKreations; torn edge action by Atomic Cupcake; Scraplift of 'Shell Seeker' LO by Kellie Mize, Creating Keepsakes July 06, pg 44
fonts: Journaling Hand and CK Constitution

this kit is Jeanine's latest and it is so gorgeous!!!
journaling: We enjoyed a visit with Dale on Juloy 13 and 14, '06. The kids talked about having dinner with him for days, and while Mark took the older kids to the zoo and science center in St.Louis, Sarah and I spent time seeing pictures from his trip to England at his home.
credits: Essence by Jeanine Baechtold at; fonts: SF-Happiness

OK- I'm off! Mark, my mom and the big kids went to Denver to Ehlitch Gardens for the day. Since it isn't safe for my Dad to ride the roller coasters any more, and Brenna and Sarah are too little, we just stayed home. I'm hoping to get a few LOs cranked out while we enjoy the peace and quiet. Hopefully my mom will get some pics for me at the park today.

Oh, and a big huge congrats to Tin and Mr.S on the news that they are expecting a little S in about 6.5 months! :D

Sunday, July 16, 2006

a couple of new LOs

description: We spent the morning of Sarah's first fourth of July in Yorktown, Virginia. We watched the parade in the shade of a tree near the veterans band. The Yorktown Fifes and Drums corp was the first parade entrant to go by followed by various veterans and active duty military groups, classic cars, and even Uncle Sam dressed in desert fatigues. Sarah waved to the parade members as they went by.
credits: My country June RAKscraps Admin Addon; Smootzy frame by Nancie Rowe Janitz; Inked edge action by Atomic Cupcake; Stitching by Tracy Blankenship; White bloom by Dani Mogstad; fonts: Cezanne

My LO of the picture of Robin and I together at the Bronx Zoo. It was so cool to be able to meet her in person.
credits: For Laura kit- pieces used by Michelle Coleman, Karen Aiken, Anne Langepap, Clara Wallace, Julie Mead, Angela Barton, and Kay Eflin; fonts: Loosie Script

and I got this one finished up
Journaling: July 8th and 9th were days filled with one activity after another. After leaving the hotel on Saturday, we first stopped at Washington’s Crossing to see where General Washington crossed the Delware river to surprise the Hessians in Trenton. Then, we drove into Philadelphia to go to the Franklin Institute. Bryce rode the sky bike, we learned all about how cartoons are made in their special exhibit, and we walked through the giant heart following the path of blood through the heart and lungs. Brenna thought that was especially cool. She only had one major breakdown that day, which was pretty good for her. After that we stopped at Valley Forge to see where the Continental Army camped & Washington’s headquarters.
On Sunday we started the day at Hershey Park’s Chocolate World to learn how they make their chocolate and sample it. Then we drove to Harrisburgh and learned about and made our own kites. We finished that day with a drive to Pittsburgh.
credits: Everyday Things kit by Melinda Staley (not available anywhere yet); Mixed greens brushes by Nancie Rowe Janitz
fonts: Pookie and Rage Italic

bird's nest update

When we got home this evening we found the nest laying on the front porch- one egg had been smashed on the porch next to it, no others were found. So, one of the neighborhood cats probably got at it

We're home and last few days summary

7-16 3:30PM
We're in the home stretch now- only 70 more miles to go before we get home. I think I always go into these trips expecting the worst so that when I look back on them I can tell myself 'that wasn't so bad.' The kids have been cranky and ornery with each other today, but really no more than any other day- it just started earlier. They are playing together congenially at the moment in the back, but it probably won't last until we home in about an hour.

We are all anxious to be home, but I think the heat may change our minds pretty quickly. It said on the Weather Channel last night that Denver was supposed to be 105 today; usually the Springs is about 5 degrees cooler, but not always. Any way you slice it, it is HOT HOT HOT when you don't have A/C. I will certainly miss the A/C we've had in the hotels the last 3 weeks.

A few things I discovered/learned on our trip:
*going on a 3 week road trip in the middle of potty-training is not a positive thing
*The kids can behave well together even after 4 straight days in the car
*We can't make it through a trip without 'losing' a child for a few minutes
*It saves you lots of time to make sure that both parties understand exactly where and when to meet up if you are going to go off separately for a little while.
*Learning can be lots of fun- little people learned this as the big people already knew it ;)
*Old-fashioned games are still entertaining and fun, even for today's high-tech kids
*The mess in the van only increases as the trip goes along, so make sure to at least start out with things organized in the beginning. (and don't have any illusions that you can find things a 'proper place' after you start out, it just doesn't happen)
*Doing laundry for 7 people late at night in a laundromat with only an 8 month old around to 'help' takes way too long.
*Sarah attracts attention wherever we go.
*I love being able to take my laptop and spend the hours driving in the van scrapping.
*Yes, a giant plastic tarp wrapped around duffle bags in the car-top carrier can keep the clothes bags dry even in the worst down-pours and hours of light rain.
*East coast traffic is much worse than CO traffic even at its peak hours. (just reminded of that little tidbit we had learned previously)
*Meeting your online friends in real life is awesome!
*I did not miss cooking or doing dishes at all the whole trip, though PB sandwhiches were starting to get old.

things we lost:
Bear Blankie- FOUND
diaper wipes box
1 watch- thought it might be buried in the van somewhere, but it hasn't been found yet after the initial unloading if that is the case
2 baby spoons- FOUND
1 bowl
2 socks, of course they each leave half-pairs
1 pair 3T shorts- of course part of a set
- considering that we were gone for over 3 weeks, I think that list is amazingly short.

Here's a couple of pics from the last couple days of the trip- the Arch in St.Louis as we were driving through town Friday night.
Sarah and I spent the day with Dale, while Mark and the older kids went to the St.Louis zoo and science center. They really enjoyed the zoo, particularly the penguin exhibit which was very well done. There were evidently a few too many day camp groups at the science center really enjoyable. i enjoyed my few hours with Dale and his daughter Debbie- it was neat to see pictures from their recent trip to England for the 389th BG reunion; hopefully one of these years my parents and I will be able to go see the places for ourselves. We also spent the afternoon going through Dale's WWII scrapbook and seeing the new things he has added to it since I saw him last.

The Kansas City, MO zoo has some nice animal exhibits, but they are all really spread out and the temperature was so high Saturday that we didn't stay to see them all. The sea lion show was good and we saw a demo with the elephants too. Their chimpanzee exhibit is fabulous.

Science City in Union Station at Kansas City. I have to say that this science center was pretty neat, though most of the time it seemd more like a big huge playground than a learning place as the science explanations were either non-existent or off to the side where you missed them. It was a cool playground though.
Bryce's favorite spot was the miniature golf holes, and the place he ran off to do one more time just as we were ready to leave, delaying our departure for over 30 minutes while we looked for him. The girls' favorite thing was getting to ride the sky bike- they just made the height cutoff to ride the bike here (they weren't tall enough at the Franklin Institute where Bryce rode one).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 12 and 13

Yesterday we stopped in Cincinnati at the Natural History and Science Museum located in Union Station. I was totally WOWed by Union Station- gorgeous architecture and decor.
The natural history museum had a different focus than I have seen other museums take. It focusd on caves and the creatures that live there, and it also had a special section called 'In the Night' that was about nocturnal creatures and others that live where there is very little light (like at the bottom of the ocean). The best parts were the replica caves inside the museum- very cool. There were pretty good and certainly reminded me of some of the real caves I have visited. There were both 'regular' caves like you would see today and an ice cave in the part of the museum that focused on the Ice Age.

After we were done here, we drove the second half of the mileage for the day to Louisville, Kentucky where we spent the night. This morning we got up and went to the Louisville Science Museum. A very colorful museum- the brick walls are painted a different bright color in each section of the museum. Lots of focus on the manufacturing industries in Kentucky and the research going on at the University of Kentucky- they must be big sponsors of the museum. There wasn't as many hands on activities as we have seen at other museums- a lot of the exhibits weren't much more than reading. The special exhibit they had though was on life in Africa, so that was different to learn about.

Finally today we drove to just outside St.Louis, Missouri. We met Dale for dinner, and I am looking forward to spending time with him tomorrow at his house while Mark takes the kids into St.Louis to see the zoo and science centers there. We will meet back here at the hotel and then drive on into Kansas in the evening. If you don't know who Dale is, he was the tail gunner of my grandfather's B-24 crew in WWII; we found each other through a B-24 message group about 5 years ago. We have a website about the crew, which you can see HERE.

I am so ready to be home- only a few more days until we are!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh PA July 11

Located right in the middle of Pittsburgh is a really great science center- the Carnegie Science Center. It is right next door to Heinz Field and the other field where the baseball all-stars game was taking place tonight. Combine the extra traffic, closed roads, horrendous parking fees and just plain messed up roads (they're like that all of the time ;) ) and it was a traveling nightmare. Oh well, we managed.

The special exhibit they currently have is the science of magic. You get to try several magic tricks, and then they show you the secret to how they work. Very cool!

Brenna enjoys the water table in the jr kids area.
They have the most incredible model train set up on the second floor. It is huge and the details are amazing. Over 100 moving pieces and every part is based on a historic place from PA history. They add new things every year. One of this year's new models was Mr.Rogers' house.

They have the USS Requin sitting outside the science center and you can go take a tour of the sub. You get to see one level of the boat- crew quarters, the mess, engine rooms, and control room. It is hard to imagine 81 crew members living together on it.

this is the only science museum that has a kitchen show on various aspects of the science of cooking. Mark and the big kids went to all four of the different shows during the day. The last one was called 'Fruit Flambe', so yes you guessed it there was flames involved :) My kids got to help demonstrate the different things you need to make a successful fire, and then Zack lit the apple caramel sauce up. And of course you get to sample the goodies at the end- it was delicious!

....and one final pic of my cutie taking a bath in the hotel sink

Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium July 10

A handful of favorite pics from our visit to the Pittsuburgh zoo yesterday

so much busy-ness I can hardly keep up

We made it back to Colombus tonight and the rain started to fall just as we finished dinner at a pizza place down the road from the hotel. I almost never show off unfinished LOs, but since I started this one to put together some of the pics from several days before and it still isn't done I figured I would go ahead. It has no journaling, I'm still not happy with some of the elements and title.... but since I am using a kit that is in the works I need some more time to come up with the parts I am lacking ;) I am taking way too many pictures of fun cool stuff and have spent most of my computer time the last few days getting them into the catalog and tagged. Sarah's and Brenna's sleeping patterns are totally screwed up from this trip and Sarah wakes up every couple of hours at night and won't go back to sleep unless I nurse her. I will be glad to get home this weekend. Anyway, here are some pics from our days in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

and a few more pics I couldn't fit on the LO

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 8 and 9

what a busy couple of days we have had. I have pictures off the camera, but don't have the energy left tonight to do anything with them. So, I'll just give you a quick rundown of all that we have done.
July 8- we left East Brunswick and drove towards Philadelphia. We went a little out of our way to cross the Delaware River at Washington's Crossing so that the kids could see where General Washington crossed the river and secured a crucial victory over the Hessian troops camped in Trenton on Christmas day.
Then, we drove into Philadelphia and spent about 3 hours in the Franklin Institute science museum. The highlights there were the special exhibit on cartooning sponsored by Cartoon Network, and the large heart model that you can actually walk through following the path that the blood takes through the heart and lungs. Bryce, Carissa and Brenna thought that was great fun and went through it several times in a row. Sarah thought crawling through the models of arteries that are open and clogged with plaque was loads of fun too. Of course because the museum was founded from money left behind by Ben Franklin there were lots of great exhibits on electricity too. Bryce got to ride a high-wire bicycle while I stayed with the girls down in the health area. There is a full size train engine down in the lowest level, but we didn't have time to get down that far which disappointed Bryce. I will have to pull out the scrapbooks when we get home and see if I have pictures of the first time we visited this museum when he was little.
Finally, we drove to Valley Forge and did a quick drive around the area that the Continental Army was camped in and the house that General Washington used as his headquarters. I know I have a relative way back that fought in the revolutionary war. I will have to try to find the details and see if I can figure out what part of the valley his regiment stayed in.
Then, we got in the van and drove to Harrisburg where we stayed the night. It was a busy, long day.

July 9
Today we got up and did 2 things before we headed down the road- first we stopped at Chocolate World and did the free activities at the front of Hershey Park. We rode the little ride that shows you how they make their milk chocolate. Of course the best part is the free sample of chocolate they give you at the end ;) we each got a small sample package of Kissables. the three older kids then went and became Hershey factory workers for a few minutes helping to fill a gear box with chocoloate kisses. And we had to go buy a few samples of more types in their large chocolate shop to enjoy with lunch. We got cherry cordial Kisses and chocolate truffle Kisses and a special dark chocolate bar with fruit and nuts. Yum!
Secondly, we went to a science museum in Harrisburg- can't remember the name at the moment. A nice little place with some good exhibits. Their special summer exhibit was on kites, so the kids got to make paper airplanes and kites and have fun flying them. They had a really cool paper airplane launcher and a whole wall of box fans to generate loads of wind for kit flying.
Finally, we drove 4 hours to Pittsburgh and had dinner before collapsing here in the hotel.

We'll spend the next day and half here- there is another science museum, the Pittsburgh zoo and one other thing I can't remember to keep us running all day. So, with that I will call it a night! Hopefully I can get some pictures resized and uploaded for you tomorrow night.

Home Album weeks 5 & 6

I don't think I ever posted my LO from the week 5 home album challenge. Week 5 was all about New vs Old- how something has changed in your favorite place. This challenge is still open for another week, you can read the details HERE.
Here's my LO for the week.
Journaling: This picture of our house was taken in the early years that my parents owned it. The two pine trees in front of the house are small here, and over the years they got so large that they overshadowed the whole entrance and garden area. When I turned 16 and started driving, we had the pine trees cut down and turned that corner of the yard into a parking area for me to park my car in. The basketball hoop was removed (would you play basketball in that driveway?). The wood poles stuck in the ground on the right side of the driveway were dug out. We planted purple irises we brought with us from Grandma Massey’s house on the hillside on the right side of the house. When I left home, the irises and evergreen bushes had grown over the whole hillside. My mom planted several rose bushes in the front garden area, and I remember some columbine flowers popping up one year unexpectedly.
credits: Papers by Chatterbox; Funky Brush Sizzlets Alpha, Font: CK Sketched

and I just posted week 6- it is all about a favorite place. You can read the details in this thread HERE.
and here is my LO
Credits: papers by Chatterbox and ClubScrap; FreshCuts by Rebecca Sower for EKSuccess; Funky Brush Sizzlets Alpha; boa fiber by Bernat; green fiber by Lion; butterfly charm by Crafts, Etc.

Friday, July 07, 2006

July 7- NYC

Today was spent in NYC. We got up and headed up the NJ Turnpike to Statten Island where we caught the ferry to Manhattan. The kids really enjoyed riding the ferry and seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. It was different to see it without the twin towers there
Once we were in Manhattan we got on the subway and headed up to the Bronx Zoo. We were meeting Robin there, and I was really excited to see her in person. What fun that was to hang out with her most of the day. It was my anniversary 'present' (today was 16 years) to meet Robin- Mark did not originally plan on going to NJ, but rearranged the trip to add this in so I could. The girls all had a great time with her. Thanks Robin for coming to see us!
here are my 2 favorite pics from the zoo today:
After we were done at the zoo and Robin headed off to work, we got back on the subway and headed downtown. This time we got off at Ground Zero; that sure is a mighty big hole there. I don't think the kids quite understand what happened there still, but they are closer to an understanding now. I think it will help when we get home for me to drag out the scrapbooks and show them the difference between the skyline then and now. The whole site is surrounded by fencing, so I had to try and shoot in between the fence pieces.
and a shot of what the new memorial is supposed to look like when it is done.And lastly, here is another shot of the great Lady Liberty with the sun setting behind her from our ferry ride back to Statten Island.
We start the trek home beginning tomorrow. It will take us another 9 days to get there. It should be very interesting!