Saturday, November 17, 2012

Snapshot 2012 #20

For Snapshot 2012 #20. It’s all about celebrities this time and what you think of them.

journaling: Would you like to wish on a star? No, actually I wouldn’t. I’ve never been a huge fan of any particular celebrities. There were never any posters of them on my walls as a kid. That’s not to say that there aren’t music and movie stars whose work I admire and enjoy more than others, but I’ve never felt the need to put them on a pedestal and go crazy over them like some people I knew. Celebrities are after all just people too and like most of us they end up doing something less than stellar eventually. I’ve always enjoyed the art of lots of different entertainers, and I don’t see that ever changing.
credits: by Tangie Baxter at
Luminescence, As If By Magic, Altered Art Smart Starts 9, AJC11 Parcel 33
font: MA Sexy, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

October Scrapbook Pages

journaling: My love affair with coffee started in graduate school. It was needed to help me wake up and focus in the mornings after staying up late in the lab or working on the house. Now I use it to wake up in the mornings after getting the kids off to school. I’ve never been one to drink it black, give me cream and sugar, please. Starbucks lattes are even better, but are a fairly rare treat because of their cost. Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha are fall and winter favorites that I can drink all year round.
credits: at Kim Jensen-
Torn Kraft, Chipboard Alphabet Soup, Bitty Blingy Blooms, Bloomin' Sweet; Jacque Larsen- Wake Me up; Amy Martin- Blanc Stitches, Stitched Love; Grow With Love Letters January by Crystal Livesay at; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

Brenna_Bewitched-Oct2010  journaling: a shirt, a skirt, and a purple pointy hat...
definitely one of the simpler costumes this Halloween, but still oh so cute and bewitching. ~Brenna 10-26-10
credits: Wickedest Witch and Keep Calm Splatter On by Michelle Godin at, glitter style by Flergs
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

My galleries didn’t really reflect the amount of scrapping I did last month since I ended up working on a lot of projects that I couldn’t show off right away. Now that they’ve been posted in the places they were made for, I can show them off here too.

credits: DHD Grab Bag by Crystal Livesay and Sara Gleason at TLP; The Witching Hour by TLP designers; Studio Mix 31- Oogie Boogie by The Studio Girls at; font: AJF Mad Hatter, AJC Bread and Butter

journaling: This was the last time I saw Grandpa Walt, as he passed away at the age of 93 on October 19. The years of dementia had made it seem like he left mentally a long time ago, but there would still be occasional glimpses of the once sharp mind that he had. Walt could still say a meaningful prayer whenever asked. MommyPat misses him terribly after all of these years of taking care of him, and I hope that she can now find some time to do the things that she enjoys and fill her empty hours. We will have to write letters to her since we do not live close by.  I’m glad I took that weekend to visit with my mother for MommyPat’s 88th birthday and the senior pageant. Goodbye, Grandpa Walt. We will see you in Heaven again someday.
credits: Big Ideas by One Little Bird at;
Grow with Love Letters - May by Crystal Livesay at

I made this page and the following art tags as part of a tutorial series I’ve started writing for Michelle Godin’s blog. I started with a tutorial on How to Use Layered Layout Templates and the grouping or clipping mask function.

credits: everything by Michelle Godin at Design Boosters 1, Chasing Rainbows Mixed Media, Wickedest Witch, Sunshine and Grass Stains, Softly Painted Solids, Sloppy Stencils 2; font: CK Handprint

My second tutorial is about how to do Masking and Misting with Digital Ink- masked ink splatters are definitely one of my favorite types of embellishments at the moment! Michelle made ink splatter brushes that I requested so I can make them in any shape I want.



Scrapbookgraphics has started a series of inspiration quote posts in September on Pinterest that I’ve made a few pages for. It’s hard for me to find quotes that speak to me visually, but I’m really pleased with how the ones I’ve done so far have come out.

credits: Danceologie by Studio Ztampf! at
font: TXT Sloppy Script, Majestic

credits: Finding My Way by Rosey Posey and Birgit Kerr, AJC11 Parcel 42 by Tangie Baxter at; font: AJF Mad Hatter

credits: Artists' Fairies by Lorie Davison at;
font: FO PS I Love You

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Monday, November 05, 2012

Snapshot 2012 #19

Snapshot #19 is about your values.

credits: Tangie Baxter at AJC Parcel 9, AJC Parcel 37, Enchanted Art Box The Whole Shebang, Impossible Things,
font: SBC Courtney's Journal, TXT Brush Script, Times New Roman, Century Gothic, CK Chemistry,
AJF Alice, CK Script, Echelon, FO Uptown Girl Inbetween,
AJF Mock Turtle

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