Monday, August 01, 2011

Misc July LOs

It’s August 1st, and that means that school starts officially for everyone tomorrow morning. Mom’s ready and not- I’m not ready to have to get up so stinkin’ early 5 days a week, but I’m more than ready for a little bit of ‘separate time’ for Brenna and Sarah. It seems like they have done nothing but fight with each other the whole summer, and I’ve had enough.

I finished up the Dance Quest 2011 Awakening photo book about a week ago, and now I’m just waiting for final approval from the director to release it to everyone. I’m so glad to have that big project almost off of my ‘to do’ list. Here are the last few single pages I’ve done during July. I’m still working on the summer staycation album, but I’m saving those pages for posting together when I’ve gotten a few more done ;)

credits: Studio Mix 5, Summer Romance by Miki Ferkul, Manuella Zimmerman and Veronica Spriggs at; font: CK Script

Melinda&Friends_7-23-11 credits: at by Tangie Baxter: Being Me with Lorilei Murphy, Gesso Textures, Paperworn Art Styles; by Wendyzine: Shadows and Borders Styles 2; font: AJF Mock Turtle

journaling: It was a hurriedly arranged visit via messages on Facebook, and much too short, but it was good to see Jamie, Brooklyn, Addison and Jonathan again. It had been 3 years since our last visit to Tulsa, so it was nice to get the cousins together for a few hours. We will have to do it again soon!
Click by BCD and Micheline Martin at
font: FO Uptown Girl Lowfat, CK Becky

credits: by Kim Jensen at School Zone Papers and Elements, Three Rs Alpha; 10080 Minutes 12x12 Slip Ins by Traci Reed at SweetShoppeDesigns
font: FO Printing Primer In Between

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