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The Rest of the 2013 Layouts

credits: at Captivated Visions- My Heart is Full, Love is All You Need (bird), Yes You Can (bird), Mish Mash Alpha Stash 5, Mish Mash Blend Me Stash Freebie 1 (Blog freebie), Artful Digiscrapping Mixed Media 1 (blog freebie); retired: Alana McCarthy- Golden Moment (bird), Brigit Kerr- Urban Love (flying birds); Anna Aspnes at oscraps: Art Play Socialize bonus (pink glow); font: Cezanne

credits: at Captivated Visions- You Are Strong Value Bundle, You are Strong freebie (newsletter freebie), Collaged: Avocado and Mint Layered Templates

credits: Edgy and Angled by Crystal Livesay at; Love You More Than Ice Cream by Jenn Barrette at; Masks We Wear at
font: Vintage Typewriter

credits: at by Kim Jensen- Stripedy, Scuffed Blue Alpha, Bloomin' Twisted, Fantabulous Fall, Springity Spring; by Michelle Godin- Lazy Hazy Summer Papers; Amy Marin- July 2013 template; Kate Hadfield- Under the Sea; TLP Collab- Summer Stories; font: Vintage Typewriter

credits: at Mermaid Cove by Flergs, Sea Breeze by Angelclaud Artroom; font: Fishbowl

credits: Mermaid Cove by Flergs; These Moments Vol 2 by Crystal Livesay; font: Fishbowl

journaling: We visited Water World in Denver for the first time during the Rodeffer’s visit. We all had a wet and wild time riding the tubes down the slides and enjoying the cool water in the hot summer sun.
credits: at Against the Grain and Bloomin' Lush by Kim Jensen, About a Girl Papers and Shadowy Characters by Michelle Godin, Ultimate Vacation Journal Cards by Lynne Marie, Summer Lovin' by Pink Reptile Designs, Havoc Papers by Kaye Winiecki, August 2012 FB freebie by Amy Martin; Messy Date Stamps Vol 2 by Michelle Coleman
font: Typewriter

journaling: We love going to the zoo. You can bet that my camera is with me when we go, and I’ve taken some of my favorite photos over the years there- not only of the animals, but of the kids too. The kids are well trained and know when to spot a good photo opportunity almost as well as me. On this particular trip to the zoo, a large rain cloud was over head and we were waiting out the deluge in the mountain lion exhibit. . Sarah found this spot perched between two of the rock formations and asked me to snap a photo of her.
credits: About a Girl Papers, About a Girl Elements, Snarky Snippets Sassitude by Michelle Godin, Frame-o-mania 1 by Kim Jensen; Grow With Love Summer Sampler by Crystal Livesay and Sara Gleason at
font: FO PS I Love You, Century Gothic

journaling: I think it is so neat to see Brenna doing something she enjoys and loves - writing and illustrating her stories. She has journals all over the house with short stories, plays and chapter books. She loves the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, so a lot of them are fan fiction stories involving cat characters. Keep doing what you love, Brenna! I can’t wait to see where it takes you in the future.
credits: Studio Mix 55 - The Whole Story Kit, Lights and Bubble Wraps by the Studio Girls at
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

credits: Effortless Templates Vol 2 by Crystal Livesay at PixelsandCompany; at Fall in Love Papers and Elements, Sloppy Stencils by Michelle Godin, Newsy Banners and Newsy Shapes by Kim Jensen, Blanc Stitches by Amy Martin
font: Typewriter

credits: at by Michelle Godin- Dia De Los Muertos, Build Your Wings, by Kim Jensen: Bloomin' Twisted, Bloomin' Lush (leaves), Seriously Stoked, Vivid Intensity Wrought Iron Alpha (retired); by Crystal Livesay and Jimbo Jambo Designs at; Bad Sewing Machine XII - Don't Be Square 2 by Traci Reed at
font: FO Weathered Low Fat, Typewriter

journaling: Elizabeth and Carissa got together with their friends Jamie and Courtney to get ready for the homecoming dance this year. After tap classes were over, they went to Jamie’s house to get dressed and do their hair and makeup. They had a potluck style meal, to which they contributed Spoonbread, that they shared together before the cameras came out for the required photo shoots. After that they headed off to meet more friends at the dance at Vista Ridge.
credits: I believe in Second Chances by Captivated Visions and Jenn Barrette; Photocentric Vol 3 by Crystal Livesay at PixelsandCompany; Amber Clegg at; Grungy Months by Michelle Coleman
font: Loosie Script

journaling: The theme of this years homecoming dance at Vista Ridge was Eerie Elegance. Carissa met Josh at the dance since she isn’t allowed to date yet. We are all aware wof which way the wind blows and they would be dating if she could. I appreciate that the two of them are willing to work within the rules of our house. I’m happy they had a good time together at the dance.
Credits: Lifetime by Rosey Posey at (available in TheDigiFiles October 2013); Edgy Single by Crystal Livesay at; Amber Clegg at; Grungy Months by Michelle Coleman; I Can See Clearly by Misty Cato; font: Loosie Script

credits: at Art Origins {01} by Rosey Posey, Enchanted Autumn Painted Wordart by Dawn Inskip, Captivated 2012 September and Mish Mash: Stamp Stash 2 by Captivated Visions; font: Carpenter ICG

journaling: I had made cupcakes earlier in the day, but those were for the birthday party on Saturday. So  we decided to surprise Sarah by bringing home a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake after dance classes were done. We picked a chocolate cake/chocolate chip ice cream roll topped with confetti sprinkles and balloons. Sarah was definitely surprised and happy to have a cake to blow out the candles on and eat that night. It was fun and delicious to surprise you :) Happy 8th Birthday baby girl! October 17, 2013
credits: Holiday Hoopla Template by Crystal Livesay; They Say It's Your Birthday by Jenn Barrette, Gesso Messy 5 by Tangie Baxter at
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

credits: Breathless by Crystal Livesay at; Gina Cabrera at DigitalDesignEssentials- So Spooky, Halloween Ephemera; Mansion Masquerade alpha by Britt-ish Designs
font: CK Pirate Hand, CK Sketch

credits: at by Amy Wolffe- Caramel Macchiato, Miss Mint- Wild Week Papers, by Kim Jensen- Stringbats, Stringbats 2, Sketchy Characters, by Michelle Godin- Black and White Basics, Black and White Artsy Papers Overlays, Kate Hadfield- Wizardry; font: Old Newspaper Type

credits: at Storytells 1 by Jen Maddocks, Count Your Blessings by SuzyQ Scraps, The Photo Project Autumn Photo Clusters by Sherwood Studio
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

credits: Key to Happiness, Phrames by Kim Jensen at; Effortless Templates Vol 2 by Crystal Livesay at; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

For the December 2013  Color Inspiration challenge at scrapbookgraphics
credits: at Home for the Holidays by Rosey Posey, Lace in Love by Angelclaud Artroom
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

credits: Studio Mix 51-  by The Studio Girls at; font: FG Script Elegant

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2014 Layouts Part 2

and other half of the other of the layouts I’ve completed so far this year.

credits: TLP May 2014 BYOC - by Michelle Godin: Build A Mess, Fresh Perspective, Soul Scribbles; by Kim Jensen: Offset Alpha; Just Jaimee: Cerulean Elements; Sahlin Studios: PS I Love You Elements; Stolen Moments Design: Little Dreamer Elements
font: custom print by Darcy Baldwin

credits: at May 2014 BYOC: by Kim Jensen- Geocut Page Mats, Offset Alpha; Sara Gleason- The When elements; Stolen Moments Design- Little Dreamer Elements; Emily Merritt- Hey You; Just Jaimee- Cerulean Elements; Pink Reptile Design- About; at Chelle's Creations- Curled Frames
font: Heather Hess- The Dry Ribbon, The Hammer Head; Cambria Math

and the graduation announcement I designed. I was quite pleased when the lady at the photo lab I had them printed at complimented me on them Smile

credits: In the Loop by One Little Bird at
fonts: Angleterre Book, Carpenter ICG, Colonna MT

credits: Layered Looks 1 by Simply Tiffany at; at by Kim Jensen- Offset Alpha, Geocut Page Mats, Michelle Godin- Fresh Perspective Papers, Valorie Wibbins- Finally, Sara Gleason- When Daters, Paislee Press- Say Yes To, Stolen Moments Design- Little Dreamer Elements, Amy Martin- Blanc Stitches, Pink Reptile Design- About; fonts: The Dry Ribbon by Heather Hess at

Photos from the Vista Ridge Class of 2014 Graduation ceremony at the World Arena May 24, 2014
credits: Yin Designs- template 396; at by Kim Jensen- Offset Alpha, Michelle Godin- Build-a-Mess, Valorie Wibbins- Finally, Sara Gleason- When Elements, When Daters, Just Jaimee- Cerulean Papers
fonts: The Dry Ribbon by Heather Hess at


journaling: Being a ballerina is hard work. Brenna, you have the love and the dedication to be a beautiful dancer. Keep up the good work and don’t give up until you reach your dream - whatever that may be.
credits: Amy Martin, All Shaped Up 8- Diamonds; TLP Collab Winter Wishes; Michelle Godin - Comforting Thoughts, Just Inky Cotton Candy, Winters Canvas; Stolen Moments Desings Something About Something Papers (newsletter freebie); Magical Christmas Shimmerz style by Flergs; fonts: Sweetheart Script, CK June Bug Louise

journaling: It was the second week off from dance classes and keeping everyone occupied was proving to be a challenge at times. Crafts, games, guard and hiking ended up filling our days & before we knew it the week was over.
credits: At TLP- Quirky Heart- Life is Good Collection and freebie; Amy Martin- Project Grids
fonts: The Silver Reed by Heather Hess at TLP, custom font by Darcy Baldwin

Elizabeth took these photos with her little camera on their hike. I modified the journaling from her description of the hike on Facebook.
journaling: The hiking trip started as a trip that went through the trail 7 bridges and then was supposed to end on Mt. Kineo, but.....we took a few detours (okay, a lot of detours). In the end, we completed 7 bridges, went to the beaver dam by Mt. Tuckaway, and then completed our round trip by climbing Mt. Buckhorn.
credits: At TLP- Quirky Heart- Life is Good Collection and freebie; Amy Martin- Project Grids;
fonts: The Silver Reed by Heather Hess at TLP

For Quirky Heart blog challenge to scrap something that is good in your life right now.
credits: At TLP- Quirky Heart- Life is Good Collection and freebie, Going Bananas (beads, smiley face), What a Wonderful Day with Pink Reptile Designs (music brad); Lauren Grier - Punched Out Templates at
fonts: The Silver Reed by Heather Hess at TLP

journaling: The tie-dye kit had been waiting for us to find the time to use it for almost a year. Finally we had a day to get together with a couple of friends and give making our own colorful shirts a try. Everyone was pleased with how their shirt came out.
credits: at July 2014 template by Amy Martin; June 2014 Storyteller collection by Just Jaimee
fonts: The Hammer Head by Heather Hess at TLP

credits: at My America by Kim Jensen; Mended Frames 1 by Amy Martin; inspired by Happy 4th card by soapboxcreations; fonts: Magneto

And a few pages that are with older photos or don’t have a particular date associated with them.

credits: at Kristin Aagard- Perfect Mess, Chelle's Creations- Get Your Grill On Alpha, Curled Frames, Marker Alpha, One Year Older (vellum tag); Kickstarters 13 by Studio 68; fonts: SBC Distressed Typewriter

journaling: For almost a year we had the proverbial elephant in the room at our house - aka depression. I knew there was something wrong, but getting others to see it as a thing that could be helped took so much longer than it should have. It won’t go away on it’s own. It’s OK to admit you need help. You don’t realize how bad you felt until you don’t feel like that any more. You can be happy again. You are not alone.
credits: at Michelle Godin- Black and White Grab Bag, Shadowy Characters; Kaye Winieki with Studio Basic- Home; Valorie Wibbens - Wild About You Felties
fonts: TXT Scribbletti

For Chelle's Creations 6.11.14 Scrap Twister challenge at scraporchard.
journaling: No matter how many times we have been to the zoo, it is still a treat to feed the giraffes. They now get lettuce leaves most of the time, with only crackers occasionally. It doesn’t seem to phase the giraffes, they love the lettuce leaves just as much as they love rye crackers.
credits: at Chelle's Creations- Zoo Crew: Safari, Jungle, Animal Papers, Safari Alphas; Scrappin' With Liz- SO Selfie templates; fonts: CK June Bug Louise, TXT Annesia

I started this page years ago and never finished it because I was totally unhappy with how it looked. So, when I pulled it up to work on it I found that there was no information on the layer names about the papers and elements I had first used like I have in my psd files now. So, my credits are actually a little scanty on this one.
credits: unknown- papers, graphic letter blocks; printer block alpha by CG Essentials (??); template by Pink Reptile Designs (blog freebie); Desk Mess by Hollywood Studio at
fonts: Zapf Chancery LT

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2014 Layouts–Pt 1

I’ve not been doing nearly as much scrapbooking as in years past. The kids are busy, which means I’m busy, and that usually translates to me being just plain tired at the end of the day. Since I’ve been slacking on the blog posts for so long now,  I thought I would just post the layouts I’ve gotten done this year. It will be a fairly quick way to catch up on the sorts of things we’ve been up to.

credits: at DSD grab bag 2013 by Crystal Livesay and Sara Gleason; Me Right Now by Kim Jensen
font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

journaling: It was a beautiful evening to go see the holiday lights at the zoo’s Electric Safari. It was clear and cold at our house, but when we got to the zoo it was snowing. Big fat, wet flakes made it more cold and the walkways slippery. It also made everything a bit more magical giving everything a blanket of white and the lights some extra glow. We had to stop and warm our bodies at most all of the fire pits they had placed around the zoo. December 21, 2013
credits: at by Jenn Maddocks: Snow On Cedars, Splatter Me Alpha, Bokeh Grunge Masks, Blended Template 10 by Rosey Posey, AJC2014 January 14 Collection - Splatter Graffiti Winter Dream and Alice's Winter Wonderland by Tangie Baxter; font: Baby Boston

credits: at Studio Mix 60: give Your Dreams a Loving Home Kit, Journal Cards, and Artsy Papers by Studio Girls, Blendability Templates 1 by Rosey Posey
font: CK Neat Print

journaling: It’s a new day! the sun is shining and it’s another chance to start fresh. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself. Mind Over Matter.
credits: Studio Collective Mind Over Matter at; Template: Text Paths 1 by Wendyzine
font: AJC Bread and Butter

and a ‘real world’ version of the above digital page that I made using my Silhouette Cameo


credits: On Cloud 9 by Captivated Visions at; font: custom font by Darcy Baldwin

credits: at Studio Mix 62 - Sweet Valentine by The Studio Girls; portrait by Rosanne Miske Photography; font: AJF Violet by Tangie Baxter (from Impressions of Spring Studio Collective)

journaling: It was one of those calls moms don’t want - Brenna is hurt and I think she needs to go to the emergency room. Once I got there and looked at her arm I agreed. I could tell it was broken from the way it was bent. They took us right back when we got to the ER. Once the ordeal of having it set was over Brenna’s positive attitude came back. We watched the Bronco’s playoff game on the TV until the doctor let us go. The next morning we went to see the pediatric orthopedist and he put a cast right over the temporary one they gave her day before. It is purple and has glitters. It’s all this precious girl needed to give her a big smile. Broken arms aren’t much fun, and I’m very proud of how Brenna has handled the whole situation.
credits: by Captivated Visions at Artified; Cotton Candy, Walk Away Kit, Mish Mash: Alpha Stash 05
font: Typewriter

credits: at by Blagovesta: Coffee With a Friend, Summer Morning; Lace in Love by Angelclaud Artroom
font: CK June Bug Louise

journaling: This year’s game is called Aerial Assist, and it is all about working with your alliance team members to pass the ball from one end of the field to a goal at the other. Points are scored for goals, tossing over the truss and catching. It’s a very different sort of game. Our robot design is very different from others that we have seen. The kids of course wanted a robot that could “do it all” and if we get it tweaked right it will be able to. It’s been a quick 4 weeks, but things have gone pretty smoothly & the robot is together and testing well so far. Wiring & programming are the biggest jobs left to go, and we hope to have actual driving and full out testing in these last 2 weeks of build season.
credits: at Project Grids by Amy Martin; Bold Geometrics, Stringbats 7 Arrows, Big Rumpled Alpha by Kim Jensen; i Robot by Kate Hadfield and Kaye Winiecki; Robot Love by Lauren Grier at; paint stroke brush by Michelle Coleman


journaling: It started with sore throats from colds and Josh winning the ‘guess the number of bracelets’ game for robotics club. Hot lemon tea to sooth the achy throats and a non-chocolate dessert as the prize for Josh. I saw a recipe for lemon blueberry cake in my Facebook feed and suggested it to Josh. He, and everyone else, really liked it. I had a couple of lemons left after making the cake and another recipe for lemon bread appeared in my feed, so I made that with blueberries thrown in and lemon bars too. The combination of lemon and blueberry is just the right balance of tart and sweet and reminds us of sunny, warmer days.
credits: at Detox by Lynn-Marie and Michelle Godin, The Outer Rim by Michelle Godin; Facebook Freebie by Crystal Livesay, Fresh Fruit by Pamela Donnis(retired)
font: CK Neat Print

journaling: Sarah was so excited to audition for, and get, the part of the tortoise in the second grade musical. She talked about the audition for several weeks before it happened. Once she got the part she studied it and practiced saying her lines and singing the solo. On performance day she did a great job at the dress rehearsal and the evening show for all of the parents. Great finish, Sarah!
credits: at by Kim Jensen- Bloomin' Rolled, Painted Paper Alpha, and Frame-o-mania 2, by Little Butterfly Wings- My Kind of Day Papers and Elements, by Sahlin Studio- Pure Happiness Elements, by Valori Wibbens- Well Hello papers; The Dreamer Template by Little Green Frog Designs at scraporchard; font: TXT Altius, Custom font by Darcy Baldwin

credits: by Michelle Godin at Tough Luck, Tough Luck Brushes and Bits, Tough Luck Alphas, Just Inky: Citrus; Scrap Your Stash Template 1 by Digital Design Essentials
font: TXT Scribbletti, TXT Tough Love

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